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Современная реконструкция

В письмах Пастонов упоминаются дублеты из фастиана и шелка наряду с перечислением конской амуниции.Есть так же просто упоминание арминг дублета.

INVENTORY OF GOODS STOLEN Soon after 1465, 10, 17

Item, a dobelet of blak fusteyn, a hors harnys vj s., a gray hors price xl s., ij shertys price iiij s. Will Bedford

TO JOHN PASTON III 1473, 06, 03

I wyll make an armyng doblett off it, thow I sholde an other tyme gyff a longe gown off velwett fore an other vestment; and send it in all hast to Hoxon to send me.

Item, j dowbelet of fustian [...] Item, a dowblet of fostian [...] Item, ij dowbelettes (Inventory, not long after 1473)

(1473) Paston 5.188: Sende me a newe vestment off whyght damaske..I wyll make an armyng doblett off it

How a man schall be armyd at his ese when he schal fighte on foote, c.1450, England

He schal have noo schirte up on him but a dowbelet of ffustean lynyd with satene cutte full of hoolis. The dowblet muste be strongeli boude there the poyntis muste be sette aboute the greet of the arme. And the b ste before and beyhnde and the gussetis of mayle muste be sowid un to the dowbelet in the bought of the arme. And undir the arme the armynge poyntis muste be made of fyne twyne suche as men make stryngis for crossbowes and they muste be trussid small and poyntid as poyntis. Also they muste be wexid with cordeweneris coode. And than they woll neythirrecche nor breke. Also a payre hosyn of stamyn sengill and a peyre of shorte bulwerkis of thynne blanket to put aboute his kneys for chawfygeof his ligherness. Also a payre of shone of thikke cordwene and they muste be frette with smal whipcorde thre knottis up on a corde and thre coordis muste be faste sowid un to the hele of the shoo and fyne cordis in the mydill of the soole of the same shoo and that there be between the frettis of the heele and the frettis of the myddill of the shoo the space of thre fyngris."

(1444) Will York in Sur.Soc.30 112: A doublet of defense coverid with velvet, an haberon, a swerd.

(1463) Acc.Howard in RC 57 158: Fusten..ffor to make doblettys off ffence.

(1463-4) Acc.Howard in RC 57 239: I toke to the dobelete maker..to make me a dobelete of fense, fore hevery for qwarter xviij folde theke of wyte fostyen, and iiij fold of lenen klothe, and a folde of blake fostyen to pote wethe howete.