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Партлет|partlet|стомакер|stomacher STOMACHER (While the modern association with this garment-name is for a panel in the front-torso of a lady's gown, references below seem to describe a man's linen garment; possibly 'a vest, waistcoat, or similar garment') Item, a stomauchere of a ȝrd of gode new hollond clothe […] Item, a stomaker of lenclothe (Inventory, not long after 1473) Also I beseche yow to sende me a hose clothe, on for þe halydays of sum colore and a-nothyr for þe workyng days, how corse so euer it be it makyth no matyr; and a stomechere, and ij schyrtys, and a peyer of sclyppers. (Letter from William Paston III to John Paston III, November 7, 1478) Syr, I send you be my brodyr Wyllem your stomachere of damaske. (Letter from Margery Paston to John Paston III, January 21, 1486)