911 And Cell Phones

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When you call 911 from a land phone, even if you dont

know exactly where you are, the 911 program is in a position to locate

you form to phone and send assist as necessary. Your landline telephone

is connected to the lines on the poles which makes a

pc in the dispatch center show the number and

address of the telephone youre using.

Cell Phones Dont Work the Identical

When you make a 911 call on a cell telephone, you are

sending signals via the air. The tower that picks

up your phones signal could or could not be close to.

Unless you are in a position to tell the 911 dispatcher exactly where

you are at, it could be really difficult for them to locate


If you happen to connect to a 911 call center that is

not nearby, they could not be able to aid you as rapidly

as they will need to speak to the 911 service providers

in your area, thereby slowing the dispatching of assist

to the caller.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has

required that all wireless carriers be in a position to

pinpoint your location for the 911 dispatchers, but

the rule is coming in phases and there are plenty of


When you call 911 from a cell phone, the call frequently

lands in a regional center. A call-taker in a far-away

city or county may possibly answer your call. To get assist to

you, there are two pieces of information the

call-taker wants to know quickly:

1. Tell the call-taker which city youre calling from

first. They can forward your call to the right center

if need to have be.

two. Tell the call-taker what kind of emergency you

have. This will let them be able to inform the other

centers of the nature of such an emergency. Giving

priority to serious conditions first.

Dispatch centers might vary from a single center to another,

with the proper data, the call-taker will

transfer you to the correct center.